A graduate of New York’s prestigious Institute of Culinary Education, Ayesha Renee Gordon is an Executive Chef, entrepreneur, children’s advocate, activist and Founder and CEO of Healthy Kids First. 


You might say that cooking was in Chef Ayesha Renee’s DNA. Born in Boston, she spent much of her childhood in her family’s native West Indies, where she first developed an appreciation for whole, natural foods prepared with the earthy and distinct spices of the Caribbean. And, raised among food professionals – a grandmother who owned and ran a successful bakery, an aunt who grew the bakery into a full-scale restaurant, and parents who owned neighborhood eateries and a flourishing catering business - the kitchen was always the special place where exciting things happened. Before long, she fell in love with the art of cooking and the joy that comes from making a wonderful meal.

As a professional chef, Ayesha Renee combines her love for the bold and delicious flavors of her childhood with a sophisticated, refined touch. A fan of various ethnic cuisines, she appreciates how each one enriches the culinary landscape; however, her style is to enhance, not change, a food’s taste, and showcase its best qualities through clean yet innovative preparation. Supporting the notion that you eat with your eyes first, presentation is also key to her personal style.  She believes that a truly memorable meal is a multi-sensory experience. 

Living in New York City and working in the food industry, Chef Ayesha Renee saw first-hand how many of the city’s underprivileged communities were struggling with healthy food access and availability, especially among children. Even more, there were no resources to learn how to prepare nutritionally sound meals. In  response, she was inspired to launch Healthy Kids First, an interactive food education platform, and later, the Take-a-Bite program which directly provides free meals to food-insecure children. While cooking is still her passion, addressing the problem of childhood hunger has become her mission.


Chef Ayesha Renee looks forward to a time when clean and healthy food is available to everyone, and no child goes to bed hungry. Now, through the work of Healthy Kids First, her dream has wings, and is soaring higher every day.

           Established in 2013 by NYC-based Executive Chef Ayesha Renee Gordon, Healthy Kids First is dedicated to educating children and families on a better, healthier approach to food. In 2017, the non-profit introduced its “Take-a-Bite” program which provides free meals to food-insecure children throughout NYC. 


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